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REACT Background

REACT International was founded by Henry B. "Pete" Kreer on January 23, 1962. The initial requirements for a team was to have 3 members, monitor the CB radio for emergencies and to comply with all federal and state regulations. Not much has changed with the general mission of REACT. Three people is still all it takes to make a team; teams monitor CB channel 9, as well as use G.M.R.S. radios. Some members are amateur radio operators and members get trained for Weather Spotting, First Aid, CPR and other needed training depending on what the team functions require and what each member wants to take.

Today there is also a membership fee to cover the cost of the REACT International newsletter called the REACTer, and cover insurance cost.

The Nebraska State Council of REACT Teams was formed in 1979 to help the teams within the state. The first meeting was held in Grand Island; and currently the board meets 6 times a year. There is a Spring Conference and a Fall Conference held every year in different towns, so more people have a chance to attend. The meetings are open to all REACT members and anyone who would like to learn more about REACT. Only team delegates and Council members are allowed to vote during the meeting, but all questions and comments will be heard.

Nebraska Teams help with storm watches in their area, traffic control for local events and work with local law enforcement agencies, Emergency Management, and the Red Cross. Nebraska Teams have assisted after Tornadoes, Floods, Blizzards, and other emergencies. REACT teams help out wherever they are needed and are trained to do.

Currently there are six teams within Nebraska:

Dodge County REACT was formed in 1971

Blue River REACT (formally know as Gage County REACT) was formed in 1977 and change their name in 2006

Grand Island REACT was formed in 1974

Hamilton County REACT was formed in 2005

Heartland REACT (formally known as Douglas County)was formed in 1972 and changed to its current name in 1998

Pawnee REACT was formed in 1976 - this team operates in and around Bellwood/ Columbus, NE.

If interested in starting a new team or joining an existing team just contact us at the link below.

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